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Dinosaur Onesie For Men

Men's Dinosaur Onesie in Leopard, Zebra, Royal Blue and Leopard Shades of Grey Polar Fleece. Complete With a Hood, Dinosaur Ears, Tail, Front Pockets, Thumb Sleeve Cuffing and Hemmed Ankle Cuffing.
Tailor made to your specifications by a team of master craftsmen, you can feel snuggletastically stylish with this crazy dinosaur creation. Created using our leopard, zebra and royal blue polar fleece, teamed with our leopard shades of grey and royal blue polar fleece. Complete with a hood, dinosaur ears and tail, front pockets, thumb sleeve cuffing and hemmed ankle cuffing. Tailored to you, this onesie is completely customisable within our 3D configurator.