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Thorsten's Onesie Adventures

Thorsten's Onesie Adventures

Thorsten's Onesie Time

Handmade in Northumberland, delivered to Germany, and now road tripping around USA and Canada, Thorsten took his bespoke All-in-One Jacket on an exciting Onesie Adventure...

"My cousin is studying in the US at the moment so my uncle and aunt wanted to visit him after his semester. I asked them to join them and we planned a roadtrip across Canada and the US. We started our trip in Frankfurt, flying toward New York and then on to Boston, where we started our roadtrip.

While packing my lauggage I decided to take two of the premium cuddle fleece jackets with me, which the All in One Company made for me a while ago. The reason being is that at the time the weather forcast showed about 4°C in the Boston, and about 10°C in the Montreal and Toronto area. The jackets are my absolute favourite item when wanting something warm and snuggly with me and I love the feeling of the fabric as well as the colors and pattern.

Our first stop was Boston where we looked around the town and visited some typical tourist attractions like the Quincy market, downtown and the harbour area. Also we did visit the Freedom Trail which is a path through Boston outlining the history of the town and the US.

From Boston we headed to Montreal, Canada, where we stayed for 2 days. Montreal is a beatiful town with lots of street art and beautiful bars and restaurants. Also Montreal has a pretty nice old town with historic buildings.

From Montreal we headed for Brockville, a small town near the Saint Lawrence River where the 1000 islands start. This part is very beautiful and is perfect to rest on the long trip from Montreal to Toronto.

After our stay in Brockville we headed for Toronto. Here we checked out downtown and went shopping and we went to the Aquarium. This place is magical and mindblowing. The animals and plants they display there were a definite high light for me.

Our final stop in Canada was Niagara falls. This place was beatiful and breathtaking as well as unexpected. The falls are huge and water rushing down the falls makes a sound like I never experienced before.
The unexpected was the arcade and casino mile, where I felt like a child in a wonderland.
Back in the US we stayed overnight in Pittsburgh. Unfortunatly the town hat not much to offer so there was not a lot do there. We then headed off to Washington D.C. where we visited the National Mall and Arlington cemetary.
After a small stop in Lancaster with the Amish people we hit the road and approached our last destination; New York! The citiy of magic and wonder and a place where sleeping is a sin. There is so much to explore and see and the people there come from all directions of the globe. Some say you either love or hate New York. I found the citiy to be a mixture of both. Some places are extremely croweded and dirty, others are just beatiful and almost dream-like.

Overall I enjoyed the trip and I am mind blown by the diversity of the continet. I met a lot of lovely people and got to know the mindset and the feeling of being in America.

I am also happy I took my All in One Cuddle Fleece jackets with me. They kept me super snug and warm during the entire trip and actually made me and others around me happy. The fabric ist just a dream and pattern and design makes the jackets look pretty sporty. Also the bear ears on one of the jackets got me some nice compliments, especially from girls."

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